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John Zeigler

John Zeigler is excited to join the 27 Storm Track team and forecast for 27 News at 5 and 10 p.m.

“I came to Madison from Charlotte, North Carolina, where I was the Chief Meteorologist at FOX 46. During my time in Charlotte I covered many hurricanes and even hurricane Irma as it hit the Carolina’s in 2017. Before Charlotte, I was in Springfield, Missouri, where I did the morning news at KOLR10 for three years. At KOLR10 my dog Griffey was named the “weather dog” and he was live on our show once a week. Griffey also appeared on the green screen where he helped me do the forecast! Needless to say, my dog was more famous than me! In Springfield I also found myself in the heart of tornado country and covered countless tornado outbreaks.

“My career started back in Duluth, Minnesota, where I was again a morning meteorologist. When I was in Duluth I learned so much about forecasting snow and the cold. During my first year on air they received 136 inches in one year. Now this might be hard to believe but I LOVE WINTER, the more snow the better. I attended St. Cloud State University where I received a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology.

“I am happily married to my wife Nicole and we have a beautiful one year old daughter Zoey Z. You can imagine most of my time is spent playing with Zoey, but when I’m not with my family I LOVE TO FISH. I will most likely be out on a lake at least once a week trying to find where the crappie are hiding. I also love to eat. So much so that it might be a problem. I love burgers and cheese curds and anything fried. If you know of a good fishing spot or a great place to eat you need to let me know! We are so happy to be back in the upper Midwest. I love the people, food and I love the weather here!”

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