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House fails to pass Farm Bill

WASHINGTON (WKOW) — After days of negotiations, an attempt by Congress to pass the Farm Bill failed.

The House rejected the $867 billion measure with every Democrat voting no. Democrats were not alone in voting no, 30 Republicans also voted against it.

Dozens of Republicans did not support the bill because there was no agreement on another future vote on a immigration bill in exchange. The Farm Bill’s fate is now tied to whether GOP leaders can agree to vote on a controversial immigration bill that many moderates oppose.

Many of those Republicans are up for re-election. It’s a pressure point that many will have to decide to support a proposal that gives a path to citizenship for children of undocumented workers.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) said it’s a bill that needs bipartisanship to pass.

“It was a good effort by the House, but I think we really do need to attach work requirements to food stamps,” said Johnson. “The reality of politics is that it will have to be bipartisan and will come out of the Agriculture committee.”

One of the Democrats who voted against the measure was Wisconsin’s Rep. Ron Kind. In a statement, Kind said,“Wisconsin family farmers need an updated Farm Bill that levels the playing field. A farm bill that works for our family farmers, not for powerful special interests in Washington. I cannot support a farm bill that lavishes huge taxpayer subsidies on millionaires and billionaires. I know we can do better – especially for our farmers who have been struggling these last few years.”

The Farm Bill also got no support from Democrats because it would increase work requirements for those to receive food stamps. The Farm Bill also addresses issues like the livestock disaster program, farm loan programs and increasing broadband in rural areas.


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