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Siblings separated through adoption, reunite in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (WISN) — Three siblings, each put up for adoption in the 1950s and ’60s, reunited for the first time this week in Milwaukee.

Dennis Walter, Kerry Anderson and Ellen Kreger live in separate states, but discovered they are half-siblings.

Their mother, Jane Calmes Tlusty, lived in Milwaukee and put them up for adoption as babies: Walter in 1952, Anderson in ’58, and Kreger in ’61. 

"I had asked our birth mother when I met her back in the ’80s if I was the only child and she said yes," Walter said.

The three siblings have different fathers and didn’t know about each other until Anderson began to research her adoption in December.

"I heard back from the adoption worker within the same day," Kreger said. "She had gotten a hold of Kerry and she said ‘Kerry’s really excited and she wants to connect with you.’"

Kreger and Anderson got in touch with their big brother, Walter, and all took a DNA ancestry test, proving they are siblings.

"My adopted family is all passed away so this is my new family," Anderson said. "This is my family."

Walter lives in Ohio, Anderson in California and Kreger resides in Wisconsin, but they chose to reunite in Milwaukee to learn more about their biological mother.

The newly reunited siblings visited places their mother might have frequented in Milwaukee. They said their reunion has been filled with gratitude.

"I believe things happen for a reason when they happen and this was meant to be," Kreger said.


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