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Irvine Park Zoo animals try to stay cool

Chippewa Falls (WQOW)- Fans, pools or air conditioning might be keeping you cool, but at Irvine Park Zoo, handlers get creative to keep the animals from overheating. 

Dick Hebert the parks, recreation and forestry director in Chippewa Falls said they usually give the animals water a couple times a day, but when it’s really hot, that’s more like three-to-four times a day. 

Hebert said the animals in the small mammal building have a more difficult time when it’s really warm outside, like the fishing cat, which wasn’t in its outside exhibit Thursday.

He said they do give the animals some extra things to cool off. 

"The zoo keepers provide enrichment for the animals, and on hot days some of the animals get ice, we give them ice and they really enjoy the ice, " Hebert said. 

Hebert said they also give the hyenas and tigers frozen blood ice cubes to cool off as well. 

He said pasture animals, like the bison, stay pretty cool because they have lots of shade to roam around in. 


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