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Residents outside security zone in Sun Prairie allowed to return

SUN PRAIRIE (WKOW) — Neighborhoods outside the security zone in downtown Sun Prairie have reopened to residents following Tuesday’s gas-main explosion that killed one and destroyed multiple buildings.

Sun Prairie police have provided a map that shows where a security fence has been erected to protect the area deemed to still be under investigation and unsafe for public access.

The green area is the location of that security fence.

The perimeter outside the security fenced area will be protected by law enforcement personnel. Furthermore those areas marked on the map in purple will be open only for local traffic and not through traffic with the exception of the 200 block of East Main Street where there will be no vehicle traffic allowed.

Residents have been allowed to return to their homes outside of the security fence perimeter.

No residents or business owners are allowed access inside the security fence perimeter without first requesting entrance. Those requests can be made by calling Sun Prairie Police Department’s non-emergency phone number at 608-837-7336 and those requests will be evaluated by on-site safety personnel.


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