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Investigators release new images of “John Clinton Doe”

ROCK COUNTY (WKOW) — Investigators have released a new image of what an unidentified teenager may have looked like the day of his death in Rock County. 

Authorities have been trying to find someone who can identify John Clinton Doe, whose remains were found in the town of Bradford in 1995. The newest artist sketch shows the exact clothing the teenager was wearing when he died. Officials believe the clothing was so unique that it might help someone identify him. 

Investigators say they spent years researching his clothing, including working with heavy metal collector groups and online web sleuths to recreate the t-shirt he was wearing, that was destroyed by decomposition. The shirt features the band Venom. 

“We searched for years and finally found the exact pants, shoes, and jacket of the young man,” says Jack Friess, Investigator of the Find JCD Project of New Look Investigations.

Several years ago, an artist out of Michigan created the facial likeness of John Clinton Doe at 16 or 17-years-old, based on an age-regression of an FBI sketch in 2014. 

Investigators say the teenager may have been at a party in October 1994 at Carver Roehl Park, which is about a mile away from where he was found dead along the Turtle Creek. They hope someone who was at the party may recognize him after 23 years. 

If you know anything about the identity of John Clinton Doe, contact the JCD Project at (715) 498-1632 or the Rock County Sheriff’s Office at (608) 757-7923.


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