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Candidates hit airwaves with campaign ads

MADISON (WKOW) — The first of many ads are hitting your television sets leading up to the August 14th primary election. Democrats Matt Flynn and Kelda Roys are getting out ahead, attempting to stand out and push their strengths in a crowded field of eight.

Roys using her platform for protecting women’s rights, is focusing on pro-choice while going after the president’s nominee for supreme court.

“In Wisconsin abortion is still a crime and I can’t believe I’m having to fight the same fights my grandmother fought," said Roys in her video.

As for Flynn, he’s remaining confident he’s the only candidate dedicated to ending the Foxconn deal.

"There are eight candidates running for governor. I’m Matt Flynn and I’m the only military veteran and the only one taking a stand to stop the Foxconn deal," said Flynn. “My first day as governor I’ll go to court and stop Foxconn and invest those funds in better schools, healthcare and roads.

Both are among four candidates who have the most money available to spend on ads, but neither grew any substantial support in the latest Marquette University Law School Poll.

State Superintendent Tony Evers is the candidate topping every MU poll this year, but has yet to put out an ad.

Candidate Paul Soglin said his strategy is to wait until the last few days before the primary to release ads.

"I’ll be doing things a little differently than what other folks are doing. Frankly if we were as flush in cash as they are I’m not sure we’d be up now,” said Soglin. “I think it’s a little premature."


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