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Lumberjacks and jills are still competing at the world championships

The 59th annual Lumberjack World Championships in Hayward rolled into the second day of competitions today. 
It’s a three-day celebration of timber sports where men, women, and children from all over the world compete in front of an estimated 12,000 spectators. 

While people from all over the world are competing in timber sports this week, locals, like Cassidy Scheer originally from Hayward, Wisconsin is also in the running for winning the lumberjack world championships.

"I’d like to win the all-around title this year that’s something I’ve never won before. I’d be the first ever hometown boy to win the all-around, so that’s definitely on the agenda for this year," said Scheer.

Each day there are 21 competitive events including log rolling, speed climbing, and even ax throwing. And each year the competition is more steep.

"It’s not a true win unless you compete against the best and you win, so when you win here you definitely win here," said Erin LaVoie, Washington lumberjack competitor. 

And everyone has their eyes on the new competition.

"It’ll be interesting to see how some of the younger competitors, there’s some new young guys here that could do very well, sorta how they stack up against some of the [experienced competitors] that are always here winning," said Ben Popp, Lumberjack World Championships Foundation Executive Director.

But competitors who are dedicated prepare well in advance

"It’s the biggest competition for me every year and I train more or less 9, 10 months of the year and everything is kinda gearing up towards this weekend," said Scheer.
And for every competitor, there’s a reason why this sport is important to them.

"It’s a one, two, and three day hopefully show if you make it to the next day. But you get more fire each day and you get one after another after another instead of traveling so far just getting one chop and then having to go home with could’ve, would’ve, should’ve," said LaVoie. 

This event wraps up on Saturday night.


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