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Sun Prairie officials give update on businesses around explosion site

SUN PRAIRIE (WKOW) — Officials with the city of Sun Prairie gave an update Friday on how local businesses are moving forward after last week’s deadly explosion.

The city’s economic development director said businesses have been struggling since the explosion leveled parts of downtown Sun Prairie. He said the city will hold meeting every Friday to help business owners get back on their feet.

"Some of these businesses have to figure out how to make payroll this week, figure out how to basically get back into their businesses and get started and try to get sales going again," said director Neil Stechschulte.

Reconstruction on Main Street and Bristol in Sun Prairie will not be able to happen until the explosion site is cleared. It’s currently the scene of an active investigation.

Authorities have not released information on whether criminal charges will be filed in the death of Sun Prairie firefighter Cory Barr.


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