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Middleton’s Alex Weiss plays 108 holes raising money along the way

From start to finish, 12-year-old Alex Weiss of Middleton likes to play the game of golf. So much so, he played 108 holes in one day raising money for The First Tee of South Central Wisconsin at Bishops Bay Country Club on Tuesday. 

From sun rise to sun set, Weiss had a 5:40 a.m. tee time and putted in his final putt at 7:20 p.m. playing six full rounds of golf. That’s one more round than he played last summer when we played 90 holes raising money for the same cause.

"I first started to do it when I was nine. I played 54 holes," said Weiss "Then when I was 10 I played 72. Last year I played 90 holes." 

Last summer, Weiss raised over $5,000 for after school math programs  at the learning centers at through The First Tee of South Central Wisconsin. This year he raised the stakes to 108 holes with a $6,500 goal. 

Joe Loehnis, Executive Director at The First Tee of South Central Wisconsin said, "having a 12-year-old come out here and invest an entire day and having the impact and understanding that him raising dollars can have on other kids his age, he is so wise beyond his years."

Nicole Weiss, Alex’s mother told 27 Sports that Alex shot a 78 on his sixth and final round on the day. "He’s a really strong kid. He’s got a lot of energy so I knew he could do it from a physical stand point, and I knew from a mental stand point he could do it," she said.

If you would like to donate to Alex’s cause, text Links4Learning to (844) 544-7171. 

For more information of the First Tee of South Central Wisconsin, click here.


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