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Giving senior dogs a forever home

(WKOW) — Usually when you think about adding a dog to your family, you think about getting a puppy or a younger dog, but older dogs need love too. 

A relatively new rescue shelter in southern Wisconsin is making its mission to find these dogs good homes.  

Mandy Lewis, founder of Albert’s Dog Lounge, has made these four-legged companions her whole world.  

"We don’t get vacations. We never took a honeymoon," said Lewis.  "Our excitement is going out to Noodles & Company on a weekend."

She officially launched Albert’s Dog Lounge this year.  The rescue is devoted to senior, special needs and hospice dogs.  

"These dogs are rejected," said Lewis.  "For us to be able to take these dogs in and show them comfort and love, healthy food and nutrition and vetting, everything they should have had their whole lives, it’s immeasurable."

The story of Albert’s Dog Lounge goes back a couple of years.  It started with a little, hospice dachshund named Albert.  

"We fell absolutely, head over heels in love with Albert," said Lewis.  He had only been given six months to live, but the love from her and her husband got him two extra months.  

"He changed our lives in so many ways that we don’t even know how to put into words," said Lewis.  

When Albert passed away, with the help of family and friends Lewis and her husband transformed their two-car garage.  

"It was like the light came on.  We knew what we wanted to do, and we wanted to do something in Albert’s honor," she said.  

Just about everything inside Albert’s Dog Lounge was donated or bought with money from donations.  The dogs have several large crates, a bathing station, plenty of toys and clothes, a TV and a camera keeping an eye on them at all times.  

Lewis has helped save 35 dogs just this year.  

"In the shelters, they’re the first ones to be euthanized.  They really are.  The adoption rate for seniors is next to nothing.  Especially in areas where there’s already a high population of dogs in the shelter," she said.  "There’s always better days, there’s always better days for these dogs.  Getting to see them walk out the door and walk down the driveway and pull out with a family is the number one reward for us."

To foster, adopt or contribute to Albert’s Dog Lounge you can reach Mandy Lewis on Albert’s Dog Lounge’s Facebook.  


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