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Nurses call out Leah Vukmir’s views on health care

MADISON (WKOW) — Health care professional met outside the state Capitol Thursday to call out Republican U.S. Senate nominee Leah Vukmir.

Vukmir, who’s been a nurse for years, was targeted for her campaign and views on health care.

The group lashed out by saying her deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare would be devastating to those living in nursing homes. Opponents argue with her nursing background, she should be able to relate to patients who struggle to get access to affordable care.

“The Republican sabotage of the ACA has already left millions of people uninsured, which means any nurse can tell you that people don’t get care until they are sick or hurt," said Laura Davis, a NICU nurse.

Davis said Vukmir’s campaign should also not be funded by special interest groups, which have already invested millions into her campaign, arguing a Senate seat should not be for sale.

Vukmir’s campaign manger said in a statement that Wisconsin had one of the "lowest uninsured rates and for people with pre-existing conditions before Obamacare made costs skyrocket."

"As a pediatric nurse, Leah Vukmir knows how to lower premiums and increase healthcare quality, but Two-Faced Tammy Baldwin wants a government takeover that would completely destroy healthcare,” said Jessica Ward, Vukmir’s campaign manager.

The Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin said Sen. Tammy Baldwin views on health care will cost millions.

“Baldwin, who supported Obamacare, resulted in higher premiums for families and has already campaign on a government takeover on healthcare," said Executive Director Mark Morgan.

The measure Morgan is referring to is the “Medicare of All” plan which estimates show can cost up to $32 trillion. It’s a concept by Sen. Bernie Sanders that would allow states to open up their Medicaid programs to anyone regardless of income. It will be a hot topic come the 2020 Presidential election.


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