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Stoughton o-lineman readies for future as a Badger

Stoughton football is already off to a 2-0 start to the season. One of their big components on offense this year is the guy that stands above the rest, Jack Nelson. In two years, he’ll be suiting up for the Wisconsin Badgers.

"It’s just the best place to be for my position," said Nelson.

Standing at 6’7", the Vikings’ left tackle knows Wisconsin is a school for offensive linemen. His dad, Todd, is a former Badger offensive lineman.

"I mean, growing up we obviously went to the games," said Nelson. "You know, maybe went to a practice or two. But it was my decision to go to Wisconsin. My dad would have understood if I had wanted to go to some place else."

You’d think that once Nelson made his college decision, he could relax and focus on his next two high school football seasons – but that’s not necessarily the case.

"It does also put added stress on it because you know I’ve got to look the part, and I’ve got to play the part." said Nelson.  "It’s good that I have that scholarship but you know that doesn’t mean that I can just tone it down. I’ve got to keep improving and keep ramping it up."

"His teammates voted him a captain as a junior," said Stoughton football coach Dan Prahl. "Vocally, and leading by example – I’ve been really impressed with how Jack’s handled that this year. I know he kind of hit on it, that once you commit, you put a target on your back. And week in and week out he’s going to get everybody’s best shot – and he’s handling it really well."

The Vikings will try to improve to 3-0 this Friday when they take on Edgewood.

Lance Veeser

Sports Director, 27 News

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