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Rural schools try to emphasize safety despite FEWER resources

DARLINGTON (WKOW) — Many kids are going back to school next week, but along with excitement there is some fear about safety. 

At Darlington Community Schools, the primary focus is to establish a safe and productive way to learn. 

All staff goes through training to deal with intruder situations. 

There are also security cameras throughout the building with feeds that go directly to police. 

Despite this all of this, being in a rural community does effect things.

"The size of our community does make it easier in some aspects, everybody knows everybody," said Activities Director, Kurt Cohen. "On the other side, we may not have all the resources or funds that districts larger than us are able to afford."

Darlington Community Schools received two grants from the Department of Justice. 

The first was used to put secure entrances in the elementary school building. 

The second will go towards secure entrances in the high school building. But more money will be needed to fund the project. 

There is not a full time resource officer, but one does work at the school part-time.  

Amanda Hari

Reporter, WKOW

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