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Rising Baraboo River floods Rock Springs once again

Rock springs was hit hard by the flooding back in 2008, but this year it’s been the same thing twice in about a week.

On Wednesday, the water rushed in to cover River Street.

"When I woke up at 4 this morning to go to work there was a clear path going that way to work, and now it’s feet underwater," Cody Anderson, who has lived on Broadway Street in Rock Springs for about a year, said.

He had the option to evacuate last week but decided against it.

"The boat was here last week and asked us if we wanted to leave but I think if we had left, our house would have already been a loss," Anderson said. "So we’re gonna stay as long as we can but if we gotta go we gotta go,"

For now he’s holding down the fort, doing everything he can to keep the rising waters at bay. 

Others in the area did have to leave their homes.

Eric Pickett and his family are doing it for the second time in 10 years.

"The first time was bad enough, and we didn’t think it’d happen a second time, but here we are again," Picket said.

He’s lived in Rock Springs since 2002.

Pickett said before the last flood there were more than 700 people in town, now there are less than 400.

After this he doesn’t know what will happen.

"It makes you think twice about rebuilding or sticking around the area," Pickett said.

For Anderson and others in the area, the slowly encroaching waters are a constant cause for concern.

"Scary, eerie feeling knowing that there’s nothing you can do to stop it and wherever it ends, is where it ends," Anderson said.

Pickett just has one request for Mother Nature:

"Just dry up and quit raining."


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