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Shorewood Hills residents in flood recovery stage

After the flooding almost a month ago, one community was especially hit hard by the rising waters.

Dozens of homes in the village of Shorewood Hills had feet of water damaging basements and living areas.

When you walk into Jim Hudson’s basement it’s a skeleton of its former self.

"We got just slightly under six feet of water in the whole basement," Hudson said.

His finished basement had two offices, a futon and thousands of books and pictures.

He and his wife weren’t home when the flooding happened, but they came home to find all of their basement belonging in various states of disarray.

All in all, he says the worst is behind them.

"I guess I’m pretty much at the acceptance point," Hudson said. "Just this is what we got, we’re gonna deal with it."

They’ve already replaced their furnace and gotten rid of everything that was wet, from the drywall to a large part of their book collection.

It’s making him unsure about re-finishing the basement.

"Well one of the first questions is, do we do that or do we accept that something like this could happen again," Hudson said.

The Hudsons lived close to the Shorewood Hills pool, but on the other edge of the village, it was another hard hit area.

"When we moved in everybody was here and this was early August so we were kinda talking to our neighbors and meeting everyone," Riley Anderson, who lives on Burbank Place, said. "Now that there’s no one, it’s kinda like a ghost town."

Now even though garbage is piled up high there on Burbank Place, some neighbors say they feel like the hundreds of people that drive through University Avenue have no idea what happened there.

"It’s kinda weird being this close to Target and Hilldale Mall where people are going about their day," Anderson said. "Everyone over here is just trying to get their life back together."

Anderson and his roommates haven’t been in the neighborhood long, but now they’re some of the few people still living on this street.

The Shorewood Hills Community League is organizing a gofundme campaign to help people affected by the flooding.

It will match the donations up to $10-thousand.


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