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Car crashes into Madison East Shopping Center business

MADISON (WKOW) — The kitchen is still running at a Madison business after a car crashed into it Saturday. The structure is still intact, but there are concerns about the food on the inside.

“The last thing I was expecting was for a car to be sitting in the front,” Stephanie Kaat, an area baker, said.

Kaat was hard at work decorating a wedding cake, when a car came through the front of the Madison East Shopping Center.

“All of the sudden there’s just this huge boom and the building started rattling,” Kaat said. “It was pretty terrifying i thought a shelf had fallen over.”

Kaat owns Looking Glass Bakery, but they do their work out of Christine’s Kitchen, a communal kitchen space for area cooks.

According to the Madison Fire Department, around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday the driver had a medical incident and lost control of her car, running right into the building.

The driver had to be extracted from her vehicle and the was taken to a local hospital.

“I was told everyone’s safe, there’s just a couple injuries and everyone’s fine which we’re really thankful for,” Kaat said.

While the crash may have damaged the facade of the kitchen, the biggest concern is actually what’s on the inside: many packaged products ready for delivery.

“So a lot of potato chips lost, there are some buns up there that are lost and as i mentioned there’s a lot of canned goods that are up there,” Kaat said. “We need to work with the local state authorities to see what needs to be done with that.”

Around 100 pounds of hand cut, Slide, potato chips, we’re ready to be sent out to area vendors, now they just sit in their packaging.

Added to that, the owners were hoping to open up the area as a storefront, so the cooks could sell their product in one place.

Now that development will be put on hold.

Kaat just hopes to be able to keep cooking.

“We’ll have to work with the Health Department and Emergency Services just to make sure the building is still safe and the food environment is safe,” Kaat said. “As far as we are aware, everything is good so far.”

A health inspector will be at the kitchen Monday, to assess the safety of the cooking environment.

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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