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MIDDLETON SHOOTING: Investigation moves to Verona, SWAT team involved

VERONA (WKOW) — SWAT team members are going through a house in Verona as part of the investigation into a shooting in Middleton.

A 27 News crew on scene says the investigation is happening in the area of Watts Road and Quiet Pond Drive. Crime scene tape is up in part of the neighborhood and a number of law enforcement officers are on scene. Madison police are on scene, though the home has a Verona address.

Neighbors in the area said police started to evacuate residents around 4:30p.m. As of 10:45p.m., those residents were still displaced from their homes as investigators continued to search inside the home.

At one point, officials pulled what looked to be a sort of safe out of the house and onto the porch. They begin hitting it with a tool, trying to get it open. When it finally opened, our crew could see investigators taking pictures of whatever was inside.

Earlier in the evening, you could hear a blast as deputies in tactical gear made their way inside the home.

Madison police say the investigation is connected to the shooting in Middleton, in which three people were seriously hurt. Officers shot and killed the gunman.

Evan Bolin

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