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Know your Wisconsin: Mineral Point artists

MINERAL POINT (WKOW) — Mineral Point has a booming creative culture that you can’t find elsewhere.  Around every corner there’s a story, and a creative mind to go with it!

Howdle Studios & Gallery features ceramic art and murals.

“The art community here in Mineral Point has evolved over decades. We have a very eclectic mixture of people with varied backgrounds that has developed a collage here that you just won’t see anywhere else,” Bruce Howdle with Howdle Studios said.

At Windy Ridge Pottery, Joe and Christy Cole use local materials and a three-chambered wood-fired climbing kiln to create stoneware and earthenware pots for everyday use and enjoyment.

“I love old, traditional pots from like the 1300- 1400’s, that kind of era. Those are some of my favorite pots. That’s what I strive to make, so we have a large wood fired kiln, which is really a traditional process, and we like to use local materials as much as possible. So a lot of our techniques and processes are pretty old, pretty traditional, so that’s what we strive for. Its such an arts friendly area already, people come here with the idea of looking at art,” Joe Cole with Wind Ridge Pottery said.

Tom Kelly, a sculptor and painter, is a resident artist at Longbranch Gallery in downtown Mineral Point.

“I’m a painter, mostly, and a woodcarver,” said Kelly.  “I like it because the tools are entirely different. The only thing that unites those two is my use of color, there’s a whole process both in painting and in woodcarving, and they take different routes, but ultimately what I have in my mind ends up as the finished product. I think a lot of people have passion but for other reasons they follow other paths, and I think when you follow your passion, you’re the happiest.”

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