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Janesville firefighters battling large fire at apartment building

UPDATE (WKOW) — A fire at an apartment building in Janesville has forced twelve people from their homes. Flames destroyed eight apartments in a building on Morningside Drive.

Deputy Fire Chief James Ponkauskas says the fire started on the outside of the building. Flames charred and melted the siding on the building and damaged balconies and the roof of the building.

Ponkauskas says nobody was injured.

As of Wednesday night, at least one unit was a total loss, and it’s possible it will have to be demolished because of smoke and water damage, Ponkauskas said.


JANESVILLE (WKOW) — Firefighters in Janesville are battling a large building fire at an apartment complex.

A Rock County dispatcher tells WKOW, “the majority of the department is there.”

The building is on the northeast side of Janesville, on Morningside Drive.

Kevin Boughton

Senior executive producer, 27 News

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