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Wanted man terrorizes residents of senior apartment complex

UPDATE (WKOW) — Three women were left shaken after a man pulled a gun on them at their senior apartment complex.

Police arrested 32-year-old Bryant Williams after a short chase. Williams is facing several charges including armed robbery, battery and intimidating a victim while armed.

It happened early Saturday morning when a woman tried to shoo away the man who was loitering outside her building at the Sherman Glen Apartment complex on Sherman Avenue in Madison.

The woman told police the man wouldn’t leave. Authorities said Williams knocked one of the women down, pointed a gun at her and took her cell phone as she tried calling 911.

Two neighbors came to her aid and also tried calling 911, but Williams took one of their cell phones. The second woman managed to connect with 911 just long enough for police to respond before he grabbed her phone and took off.

“We spot this guy and started chasing, both on foot and in squad cars. At some point as he’s running, he takes this gun and throws it. He’s armed at that time and we end up corralling him on the playground, the sports field area of Sherman Middle School,” said Joel DeSpain spokesperson for the Madison Police Department.

Williams was already on the Madison Police Department’s radar. He had a warrant out for his arrest in connection with a violent robbery and kidnapping case last month.

The gun turned out to be a BB gun. None of the women were seriously hurt.


(WKOW) — A wanted man terrorized three residents of a senior apartment complex Saturday before fleeing and being arrested at a nearby middle school.

Madison police were already looking for the man who they described as a dangerous criminal when the incident happened early Saturday morning.

Bryant D. Williams, 32, Madison, was wanted in connection with a violent robbery and kidnapping case from last month.

But on Saturday, a 60-year-old resident of Sherman Glen found Williams sleeping on a bench outside of her building, which is posted no trespassing, according to a Madison Police Department news release.

The woman asked Williams to move along, but he continued to loiter around the property while giving angry looks at her.

She took out her phone to call 911, apparently upsetting Williams.

He ended up knocking her to the ground, pointing a handgun at her head while threatening to kill her.

She tried to call for help as he stole her cellphone. Two other residents heard their neighbor’s pleas. They were nearby and also attempted to call 911 until Williams forcefully took a second victim’s cellphone.

Fortunately, one of the calls had briefly gotten through to the Dane County Communications Center, and officers were on their way as the suspect took off on foot, still brandishing the gun.

Following a chase that involved officers on foot and in squad cars, the suspect was cornered and arrested on the playground of Sherman Middle School, 1610 Ruskin St.

During his flight, Williams had tossed the weapon on the front yard of a Spohn Avenue home. It was recovered, and it turned out to be a very real looking BB gun.

Williams is also a suspect in other recent cases to include burglaries and other violent offenses.

David Johnson

Reporter, WKOW

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