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USS Beloit honors city’s naval history

BELOIT (WKOW) — Beloit is now a part of a longstanding Naval tradition, lending its name to a combat ship constructed with help from the city’s industry. The city announced Tuesday a Littoral Combat Ship, LCS 29 will bear the name USS Beloit.

Senator Tammy Baldwin requested the name on behalf of the city to pay homage to Beloit’s history manufacturing engines for Naval vessels.

Fairbanks Morse began making train engines in Beloit in the 1880s. It made its first Naval engine in the 1930s and has continued the process in Beloit. Now, Deepak Navnith said he’s proud the company’s work has helped Beloit earn international recognition.

“It is the work of several employees over decades that has culminated in this,” he said. “It’s something every person in Beloit can be proud of.”

While the actual construction of the USS Beloit will take place in Marinette, Wisconsin, Director of Business Development, Pat Bussie said the most vital part will come from Fairbanks Morse.

“They take the engine as being the heart of the ship,” he said. “It keeps it going. It has to be able to run, to get out of harms way, continue with the mission, whatever it’s doing.”

Bussie said Fairbanks Morse builds these engines to last for decades and he hopes the one inside the USS Beloit lives up to the legacy of other engines to come out of Beloit.

“They’re out forty and fifty years so there will be a USS Beloit out sailing the high seas with engines produced in Beloit for forty or fifty years.”

The USS Beloit is scheduled to set sail in 2021. Representatives from the city and Fairbanks Morse plan to be in Marinette, Wis. when it launches.


Michelle Alfini

Reporter, WKOW

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