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Walker’s Digital Ad now playing at gas pumps, Evers counters with a plan to lower Rx costs

MADISON (WKOW) —  You might see and hear the governor next time you fill up at the pump.

Gov. Scott Walker’s new digital ad will play on monitors at gas stations statewide. The ad criticizes Walker’s Democratic opponent Tony Evers for wanting to increase the gas tax to help pay for the crumbling roads in the state.

Walker hit Evers on wanting to raise the gas tax by $1, an option that Evers denies but has yet to clarify how much he’s willing to increase.

“That’s $1,200 a year for a typical family – we can’t afford that. I’ll lower taxes and keep fighting for you,” said Walker in the digital ad.

Evers’ spokeswoman Britt Cudaback says the ad is inconsistent.

“Instead of relying on false attacks, Walker should be explaining to drivers why they have to pay $747 annually to fix their cars because our roads have crumbled under his watch to 44th in the nation,” said Cudaback.

Evers countered Walkers ad by unveiling two of his own focused on lowering prescription drug costs and demanding transparency from big pharma companies.

His “Pay Less of Rx” plan would also protect consumers from predatory pricing practices, and save tax dollars on prescription drug purchases.

Emilee Fannon

Capital Bureau Chief

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