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UPDATE: Patients released from hospital after carbon monoxide leak at Portage facility

UPDATE (WKOW) — Divine Savior Hospital says as of 9:00 a.m. Thursday, all 14 people who were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning have been released from the hospital.


UPDATE (WKOW) — The Portage Fire Department says a carbon monoxide leak at a Portage facility was a “very dangerous situation.”

Lt. Steve Dehn says when the fire department got to Dawn’s Fresh Foods, there were very high levels of carbon monoxide detected – about 800 parts per million. Normal would be about 4 to 7 parts per million.

“Somebody could have been killed because of this problem,” said Lt. Dehn.

Firefighters say the plant was evacuated and multiple ambulances took people to the hospital. Divine Savior Hospital was first called to Dawn’s Fresh Foods for someone who was not feeling well. The hospital quickly called a Mutual Aid Box Alarm System for multiple ambulances to transport people.

“As soon as we stepped in the door, that’s when our meter pegged out,” he explained as he referred to his firefighters’ carbon monoxide detectors.

Lt. Dehn was not sure how many people became ill.

Representatives from Divine Savior say the hospital took in 14 patients. Two had been discharged by 7 p.m. Wednesday. Twelve remained in the hospital on observation. The hospital says all are in stable condition.

Lt. Dehn says they think a problem with a hot water heater could have caused the leak, but that’s still being determined. He calls it a “very dangerous situation” and says someone could have been killed had it not been for the quick thinking of one person who noticed the problem and got everyone evacuated.

Managers at Dawn’s Fresh Foods told firefighters they hope to back open and running their operation on Thursday, according to Dehn.


PORTAGE (WKOW) — First responders are treating patients who were evacuated from a Portage business where a carbon monoxide alarm went off.

A Mutual Aid Box Alarm System was activated for fire and EMS to respond to Dawn’s Fresh Foods on LaDawn Dr. in Portage around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday. The Portage Fire Department tells 27 News a CO alarm was activated. The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office says the building was evacuated and multiple patients are being treated.

Dawn’s Fresh Foods is a manufacturing and distribution facility, according to its website.

This is a developing story. Check back for updated information.

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