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Two construction workers help sexual assault victim during downtown Madison attack

UPDATE (WKOW) — Police arrested a man they say sexually assaulted a woman in broad daylight along a busy street in Madison.

Two maintenance men nearby stopped the attack.

“It’s a building of ours and we were just fixing a little windowsill,” Billy Vorlander, one of the good samaritans said.

He and his partner were working on a building on East Johnson Street Tuesday morning.

While up on their lift, they saw Kevin Kieren come up to a woman and grope her.

At first they thought the two knew each other, but then the man came at her again, more aggressively.

“The third time he came back, he was starting to undress a little bit and that’s when the screaming started,” Vorlander said.

Vorlander says they called to the woman to come to them as their lift descended.

When she crossed the street to them, Kieren followed with his pants still down.

Eventually they jumped off the lift.

Vorlander went up to the man, while his partner called 911 and took the woman inside.

“He was coming at me and I’m a little bit concerned,” Vorlander said. “So I was just prepared for anything and mentioned to him that this was not going to go away and I was not going to go away.”

Vorlander was still confronting Kieren by the time a squad car came up.

Vorlander jumped in the middle of East Johnson street to get its attention.

“I pointed at him, pointed at the other guy and lights come on and three seconds later there were five cops there,” Vorlander said.

Police arrested Kieren for fourth degree sexual assault among other charges.

Vorlander says the event opened his mind to what women have to deal with.

“I thought it was sad that a girl can’t walk down the street in the middle of the after noon,” Vorlander said. “It made me think, ‘Wow as a man I’d never have that problem at 1:30 in the morning, I’ll walk anywhere I want’.”

Vorlander and his partner were both nominated for Madison Police Department Awards for their actions.

While he appreciated the gesture, he said it is 100 percent unnecessary.

MADISON (WKOW) — Two Good Samaritans will be nominated for Madison Police Department awards after helping a woman who was being sexually assaulted.

Tuesday morning around 11:45 a.m., the 20-year-old victim was walking in the 300 block of E. Johnson Street. Police say she was attacked by a stranger, later identified as 32-year-old Kevin E. Kiernan, according to a Madison Police Department incident report.

Police say Kiernan groped the woman and began to drop his pants. She began yelling for help and two construction workers across the street heard her.

The two construction workers were on a lift and witnessed the assault. One yelled for the suspect to get away from the victim, then they began lowering themselves to help.

While one man stayed with the woman, the other tried to keep the suspect away. The second man said Kiernan continued to walk toward him with his pants down. The attacker eventually walked away once the second man took out his keys to defend himself.

Police found Kiernan and arrested him on tentative charges of fourth degree sexual assault, lewd and lascivious behavior – exposure, and disorderly conduct.

Both men will be nominated for Madison Police Department awards.

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