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UPDATE: Fundraising goal met, Pardeeville family to go to Brewers game Friday

UPDATE (WKOW) — Nancy Bethke’s family tells 27 News they’ve raised enough money and have bought tickets to see Game 6 in Milwaukee on Friday.


PARDEEVILLE (WKOW) — As the Brewers continue their playoff run, many across Wisconsin are hoping this is their year. That’s especially true for the Bethke family.

While they’re big fans of every Wisconsin team, the Brewers have been Nancy Bethke’s favorite ever since they came to Milwaukee.

She said she’s watched every game this season and has a good feeling about this playoff run.

“They got a chance,” Nancy said. “They’re gonna go all the way. That’s positive.”

As her family tunes into each game, her son Kevin Bethke said it’s given them a reason to hope.

“It helps you forget for a little while, some of the troubles,” he said.

A much needed distraction, according to his father Jim Bethke.

After surviving her first battle with breast cancer 13 years ago, Nancy’s cancer came back in 2015. In August, the Bethkes learned it would be terminal.

“We knew all along that there was no cure, but it doesn’t help,” Jim said. “The hardest part is watching her go through the different stages and not being able to do anything about it.”

This week, the Bethkes have a bright spot. Friday marks Jim and Nancy’s 50th wedding anniversary.

“There was times when I didn’t think I would make it,” Jim said. “And there’s times when she didn’t think I should make it.”

To celebrate, the Bethkes planned a nice dinner with family and a few friends. Their sons had another idea.

“We wanted to do something where the family and friends could participate and kind of show their love and support,” Kevin said.

That’s why he said he and his brother set up a GoFundMe campaign raising money to send his parents to a Brewers playoff game.

A little more than a week later Kevin said he’s more than halfway toward his fundraising goal, mostly getting help from family and friends.

“I was real embarrassed,” Nancy said.

Taken aback at first, Kevin said his mother is warming up to the idea. He said she’s not used to getting this kind of help and attention, but as the reality sets in he said she’s getting more and more excited.

As for her husband, Jim said he too is not a fan of asking for money but got choked up at the idea of taking Nancy to her last game.

“I’m not thinking about myself, but her. I think it would be awesome if she could see them,” he said. “I got a lot of years yet I can go see ’em but you know, she doesn’t.”

That’s why they hope the Brewers play their part, guaranteeing one more trip to Miller Park and possibly a chance at the pennant.

“That would be the greatest thing ever,” Nancy said.

Michelle Alfini

Reporter, WKOW

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