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#FindJaymeCloss bracelets sold to fundraise for Closs family

Barron County (WQOW) –  As each day passed without Jayme Closs, a 13-year-old girl who went missing after her parents were found murdered in their home on Monday morning, Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald continues to thank the community for their overwhelming support. That support includes hanging signs, sharing social media posts, or raising money, as some did on Saturday.

Several businesses such as Brion’s Smokehouse Deli, Barron Area Community Center, and the Plaid Peacock supported Jayme Closs’ family during this tough time, by selling green bracelets for $5 each. And written on the bracelet spells out #FindJaymeCloss.

John and Sheila Gonsowski, Barron County residents, both bought a bracelet at Brion’s Smokehouse Deli.

“I got a grandson that is about her age, and I think this could of happened to him too. It’s time something gets done to stop this kind of stuff. I pray to God and hope that they find the little girl,” John Gonsowski said.

All the proceeds of each sold bracelet will go to the Closs family.

“Growing up, I use to walk to school with one of her older cousins and Jayme would be getting dropped off by her mom Denise at the house and getting ready to go to school or whatever. And it’s been just such a nice thing seeing Jayme grow up over the years, and she is just a sweet young girl,” Shayla Paxton, Brion’s Smokehouse Deli employee said.

Paxton said she knew the Closs family very well, she is hoping for a safe return of Jayme Closs.

“I wear it for Jayme’s family, the family that I have grown up knowing throughout the years ever since kindergarten,” Paxton said. “I really hope they find Jayme. She really is just truthfully a sweet and loving girl, and I want her to come home now, as much as the family sure needs to as well.”

Paxton said she wears her bracelet proudly.

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