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Jefferson Award Winner, October 2018: Lynn Hassett

WESTFIELD (WKOW) — A woman in Marquette County is being recognized with a Jefferson Award for her work caring for cats at a no-kill shelter.

Lynn Hassett has spent nearly a decade nursing sick cats back to health and finding them a loving home. She started volunteering at Feline/Canine Friends, Inc. when she saw a need in Marquette County.

“With all of the strays in the community and no place for them to go, I wanted to provide them with a safe environment,” said Hassett.

When Lynn joined the cause, there were no other shelters in Marquette County. She eventually took over the shelter from an elderly woman and was instrumental in moving it to a new, bigger location in Westfield.

Lynn works with more than 25 volunteers to helps the cats who come into the shelter. The volunteers appreciate what she does for the community.

“She has never missed a day of saying thank you for what you did and she does that for every volunteer, not just me,” said Ken Stein, the person who nominated Hassett for a Jefferson Award.

But in Lynn’s eyes, she’s the lucky one.

“I get much more than I give. Just working with the wonderful volunteers that I work with on a daily basis and seeing all of the animals go to a loving home,” she said.

At this point, the shelter is not able to care for dogs at their location. In the future Lynn hopes to add a canine area along with a surgery center on site for vets to use when they come to care for the animals.

The shelter is always looking for donations and extra help. For more information, click HERE.

Rebecca Ribley

Wake Up Wisconsin Anchor

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