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Mayor Soglin reacts to recent violent acts across the country

MADISON (WKOW) — Mayor Paul Soglin has addressed recent acts of violence at a news conference in Madison Saturday morning. In a prepared statement, he touched on the attempted pipe bombings that took place earlier this week as well as the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh Saturday morning.

Soglin noted that the many people committing these crimes are mentally disturbed.

“We need to understand that these people, like the pipe bomber or the shooter in Pittsburgh, are very disturbed and troubled.  Frankly, their political affiliation or political views are not the issue.”

Although he says the criminals are troubled, Soglin says President Trump is to blame for inciting the recent acts of violence.

“These latest acts of violence lead directly to Donald Trump. Trump continues to feed these sick people and none of his words of concern or rhetoric about arming houses of worship will undo the violation of the innocent.”



McKenna Collins

27 News

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