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Brazen attack: Suspect takes down woman, steals her purse

WEST MILWAUKEE (WISN) — Newly released video shows a bold attack at a West Milwaukee Walmart.

Surveillance cameras caught this crime as it happened two weeks ago — a man walked up behind a 52-year-old woman, hit her and robbed her.

“It irritates me a little bit, ” said West Milwaukee police chief Dennis Nasci. “I mean you think about an older woman, looks like a younger guy, and clearly he targeted her from the get go, just walks up and doesn’t even try to grab the purse.  He smacks her before he even does that.  It’s pretty brazen.”

Nasci says he hopes someone will come forward with information about the crime.

“All they gotta do is think about their mom or dad or their grandma or grandpa and think about some knucklehead like this pulling one of these moves,” Nasci said. “I mean this is more than just taking something from somebody or robbing somebody.  This is an elderly woman that he just goes up and clocks on the head a couple of times and takes her purse.”

Police are now looking for two men connected to this crime. They’ve followed up on some tips, but haven’t been able to identify the man in the video.

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