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Need a ride to the polls? Madison organizations join forces

MADISON (WKOW) — If you’re still on the fence about going to vote because you don’t know how to get to your polling place, organizations across Madison are helping out.

Tens of thousands of people have already voted in Madison, but plenty more still have time to make their voices heard.

David Lee with Union Cab is one of many people hoping to help.

“I think it’s really a wonderful thing if we can get people to the polls and get them to vote,” Lee said.

Union Cab is offering free rides to people needing to get to their polling location.

They’ll gladly take you from your home and back.

“If they’re at work and going, we can do that, too,” Lee said. “We try to pick them up in the same zone or place where they’re working.”

But Union Cab isn’t the only one providing a free transportation service.

BCycle is letting everyone ride rental bikes for free for 30 minutes all across town.

“We want everybody to be able to ride the bikes for free, use them to vote and not run into any hassles,” Lee Sensenbrenner, with BCycle said. “So contact us if you’re feeling that 30-minute time crunch.”

There might be some rain Tuesday, which tends to hold people back from getting to the polls.

The Urban League of Greater Madison has more than 50 volunteers to get people around town, hoping to make up for that less-than-ideal weather.

“Folks that maybe it’s their first time or maybe they haven’t voted in a while,” Daniel Sims, with the Urban League, said. “We’re hoping that we can remove any barriers to voting by offering this service.”

All they ask is that you call ahead and have everything ready to go before getting picked up.

They’re partnering with many different organizations from the League of Women Voters to the African American Council of Churches.

“By coming together with organizations that traditionally talk about the importance of voting, that’s how we can, for all intents and purposes, put our money where our mouth is and ensure that folks are exercising their constitutional rights to vote,” Sims said.

If you need handicap accessible transportation, both Union Cab and the Urban League can provide that.

They just ask that you schedule ahead.

You can reach Union Cab at (608) 242-2000 and the Urban League at (608) 729-1200.

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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