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Volunteers push to get voters to the polls for the midterm elections

MADISON (WKOW) — Democratic and Republican candidates, and their supporters, are pushing hard to energize voters.

At the NextGen office in Madison, students are hoping for a blue wave.

“We’ve been organizing in Madison for the last year and we’ve seen students that are so engaged on issues,” said NextGen field organizer Maia Berlow.

Volunteers trained to canvass neighborhoods, working to make sure energy translates into votes.

We know that face-to-face conversations in the last couple of days before the election is what really can change the game. Someone who might care about the issues, but wasn’t thinking about voting into a voter,” Berlow said.

On the GOP side, voter contact efforts are running full speed, according to Alec Zimmerman, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

We’ve made more voter contacts this cycle than we did last cycle in a presidential year. So, that’s a pretty big milestone for us. We’ve knocked on nearly 1.5 million doors, made over 4 million voters contact phone calls,” Zimmerman said.

Enthusiasm among GOP volunteers is high because of what Zimmerman says are election successes the party has had in recent years.

We have a network of thousands around the state who are involved at our field offices. They’re there knocking on doors, making phone calls.”

Regardless of what their political ideology is, both sides can agree on one thing.

I think making your voice heard in an election is so important regardless of who you vote for,” Berlow said.

Making the day-to-day decisions in your life is the government at various levels,” Zimmerman said.

Click here for information on where to find your polling place.

David Johnson

Reporter, WKOW

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