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Baraboo student describes what happened during taking of controversial photo

BARABOO (WISN) — A student who was pictured in a controversial photo of students from Baraboo High School is now talking about what happened when that picture was taken.

The photo shows dozens of boys raising their right arms in what appears to be a Nazi salute. It was a prom photo that was taken this spring, but recently went viral.

The photographer who took the picture says the boys were in different stages of waving.

In the photo, Jordan Blue is not making a gesture.

Blue says there were mostly juniors in the group and they had no reason to wave goodbye.

“There are some represented in the photo that aren’t meaning to do it and they weren’t really sure what was going on and then there were some that had intent. In their hands you can see the amount of tension in their arms,” he says.

Blue says he also remembers one mother in the crowd trying to intervene.

“I could hear her yelling telling us to stop, stop stop. She was waving her arms so for her – she knew what was happening, she was making a scene, but nobody else was paying attention to her.”

Police and the Baraboo School District are investigating the photo.


Baraboo schools, police investigating photo that appears to show students making Nazi salute

Baraboo community sends message of “love, not hate”

This photo, which appears to show students in Baraboo doing the Nazi salute, has been circulating on social media. In a statement, the Baraboo School District says it is investigating and condemns the action.
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