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Ahead of Black Friday, local businesses in the spotlight

DANE COUNTY (WKOW) — One week before Black Friday, Dane County leaders are showcasing local businesses.

Officials of the “Dane County Buy Local” organization are optimistic about this year’s retail numbers because the economy is doing well. According to multiple studies, many Americans spend most of their holiday shopping budget in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

As for the increase in online retailers like Amazon and Ebay, small business owners say their stores offer a more unique, personal shopping experience, something that Amazon can’t compete with.

County Executive Joe Parisi points out that money spent at local businesses helps make communities stronger.

“It not only benefits us, being able to find unique gifts and unique experiences shopping locally, but it benefits the community as well because those folks really do give back.”

Cities across Dane County are hosting events to encourage community members to shop local.

Small business Saturday is one week from tomorrow. Nationwide, American holiday shopping is expected to reach almost 720 billion dollars, 5% higher than last year.

McKenna Collins

27 News

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