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Evers concerned Foxconn plans to scale back operations, open to ending work requirements for BadgerCare

MADISON (WKOW) — A new memo obtained by Bloomberg said the Foxconn Technology group wants to cut billions in expenses and eliminate about 10% of its staff.

Governor-elect Tony Evers, never a fan of the billions of dollars in tax breaks that enticed the company to come to Wisconsin, said he is concerned about the developments. 

Bloomberg reported the Taiwan-based company wants to cut $2.9 billion in expenses and eliminate about 10% of non-technical staff. The company said the cuts are due to “a very difficult and competitive year.”

The announcement comes when the company is in high demand for iPhones, which is Foxconn’s biggest customer.  Evers said he’s not sure if the news directly impacts the Wisconsin plant but is going to monitor it.

“I understand businesses have to make decisions but it is concerning that even before we get rolling in Wisconsin they seem to be rolling back in other places or possibly Wisconsin, I don’t know that frankly, but it’s something we’re going to monitor absolutely,” he said.


Work Requirements

Evers is open to ending new work requirements for some people who receive health insurance through the BadgerCare program.

In October, President Trump’s administration gave Governor Scott Walker the green light to require able-body adults under the age of 50, who don’t have any children, to work to get coverage.

Evers said he’s open to looking at ideas to limit the requirement telling reporters that the state shouldn’t make it harder for people to receive care.

 “Any time we take away people’s ability to access health care and access help that they need I think it’s a step in the wrong direction,” said Evers.

It’s possible GOP leaders may try to tighten requirements during the lame duck session but Evers said he’ll be looking for ways to reduce them.

Emilee Fannon

Capital Bureau Chief

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