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First hand accounts after Anchorage earthquake

ANCHORAGE (WKOW) — The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit just north of Anchorage, shook people across the city.

Security camera footage captured different perspectives as people ran to safety in their homes.

“It started off as being little tremors that is something that I was used to, very very slight but then it quickly escalated to where it was just some real violent shaking,” Chris Hussey, an Anchorage Resident, said.

Hussey was the former Marketing Manager at a station owned by WKOW’s parent company QMI.

He saw some of the damage in Anchorage first hand.

He works at a TV station there that was rocked by the powerful earthquake.

“Ceiling tile brackets and ceiling tiles themselves had fallen down alarms were going off and other people were exiting the building at that time,”

Damage like that was widespread across the city.

At grocery stores with water damage, alarms went off and at a nearby high school students huddled under their desks.

A big concern for people in the area, however, was the damage to major highways.

Driving around, many saw off-ramps reduced to rubble causing backups miles long.

Hussey, being from Iowa, is used to disasters in the form of tornadoes.

He said this took away the sense of security he normally has.

“That ground that you rely on unconsciously, I guess, is shaking and its throwing you around in a certain sense,” Hussey said. “It really messes with you after it’s all over with because you have this sensation that you’re just not safe at all.”

Hussey did mention that what surprised him the most was how well people were handling the disaster.

He said at stores and on the road, people were being very respectful.

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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