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Middleton & Dane County ready to move forward after workplace shooting

MIDDLETON (WKOW) — Law enforcement leaders say they’re proud of their officers who stopped an active shooter inside a Middleton business in September.

Dane County’s District Attorney cleared the two Middleton officers and two Dane County deputies of any wrongdoing in the shooting on Monday.

Now, Police Chief Chuck Foulke and Sheriff Dave Mahoney say they’re ready to get their staff back to work and move forward.

“[The officers] can get back to a regular schedule and being with their work family and being with the people in the community and that’s what they want to do, that’s what they love doing and they’re able to do that now,” Foulke told 27 News.

Foulke says the release of the body camera and surveillance footage of the shooting was difficult for his team to relive, but provided some relief and return to normalcy.

Their decisions that day are a model for critical incidents.

“The response by law enforcement, who was well trained and well equipped to respond immediately, not to wait but to enter that building and end the danger,” said Sheriff Mahoney.

The sheriff doesn’t expect any significant changes, but his agency is doing an internal review right now. One of the deputies has returned to duty and the other one will soon. Both the Middleton officers who were involved are back to work now.

Chief Foulke is also looking at response and communication to see what can be learned from the shooting.

It was all over just eight minutes after the shooting started. That’s a good response time, but Foulke says they can always learn from every critical incident.

“Police can do the best response-wise, but it’s not good enough, not if you’re one of the people in that building,” he said.

Both leaders say the reaction from the victims was critical to ensure everyone survived the incident.

“They did the right thing, even though they didn’t have formalized training, they knew what to do,” Foulke said. “They’re the ones, to me, that did an amazing job that day and I’m proud of them.”

Sheriff Mahoney believes WTS Paradigm’s leaders stepped up to take on the challenge of moving forward, too.

“For some of those employees, the process will continue of healing, but it also makes a big difference when that company recognizes and brings the resources necessary to being that healing process and I’m very proud of the job that they’ve done for their employees,” he told 27 News.

WTS Paradigm staff members are working out of a temporary location right now as they work to remodel a portion of the building where the shooting happened, according to Foulke.

Jennifer Kliese

Weekend Anchor and Reporter, 27 News

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