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Friend of Closs kidnapping suspect: “It’s as confusing as it is to anyone”

GORDON, Wis (WKOW) — A friend and former classmate of the suspect in Jayme Closs’ kidnapping and her parents’ murders said Jake Patterson, 21, was shy growing up, but was well-liked in their class.

“He’s just a normal kid just like everyone else. It’s as confusing as it is to anyone, I imagine, that knew him,” Dylan Fisher said.

Investigators said Patterson is unemployed and has no criminal history.  The Fisher family said they understand that he was holding Closs captive in his family’s home in Gordon.

“He came to the house periodically.  I took him home.  He stayed overnight, on and off.  He was just one of the gang basically,” Tom Fisher, Dylan’s father said.

“It was like a normal home.  He lived with his dad.  His mom and dad were divorced.  He had an older brother, but his dad seemed very nice.  Very normal.  Nothing was out of line.  He was a very nice kid,” Tom said.

“I’d definitely say everyone in the class liked him. Absolutely,” Dylan added .

“He was pretty shy. But everyone liked him. He was a good student. He was pretty happy for the most part. Just like anyone else.”

Tom echoed that Patterson seemed polite and quiet.

“It’s kind of bizarre. What do you think? You sit and think about, you had that kid in your house, and he seemed very nice,” Tom said.

“I’d invite him over any time, I guess.  To put it that way. He seemed fine and normal to me.”

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said Patterson may have chosen Jayme Closs at random, adding motive has not been determined at this point.

Prosecutors plan to charge him with kidnapping and two counts of intentional homicide.

Patterson’s first court appearance is Monday.  Following that appearance, more information about Patterson’s charges is expected to be released in a criminal complaint.

Caroline Bach

Anchor, Wake Up Wisconsin Weekend

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