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Mondovi student suspended for eyebrow style, says principal believes it’s a “gang symbol”

MONDOVI (WQOW) – A Mondovi high schooler has spent three days suspended for a beauty trend, and says a school official thinks it’s gang-related.

Kiara Rieck, 17, has a passion for makeup. She’s always looking for the next trend. “It’s a state of fashion, it’s been going around for a while since the 90s,” Rieck said.

Rieck said she and her friends decided to sport the new look at school Monday. “It’s makeup, it’s missing hair from an eyebrow, I don’t see a problem with it,” Rieck said. She said her teachers didn’t have a problem with it either, until Tuesday.

“I was brought into the office and told that I had to go home and cover up my eyebrow or get suspended,” Rieck said. She said two others were also suspended. That’s when her mom Regan Lazzeroni got involved.

“She needs to be in school, but suspending her or giving her out-of-school suspension or in-school suspension is wrong, because she’s not doing anything educational,” Lazzeroni said.

Lazzeroni said school district officials want the slits covered, believing the style could be gang-related. A quick browse of blogs and social media shows people of all walks of life wearing the trend.

“Vanilla Ice used to do it, he used to shave his eyebrows and do the same thing,” Lazzeroni said. “My daughter doesn’t know Vanilla Ice so it has nothing to do with that.” The 17-year-old said “I don’t know who Vanilla Ice is, we just like fashion.”

“You can’t call it a gang, because there’s no violence,” Lazzeroni said. “I mean they don’t have criminal backgrounds, they don’t get into trouble, they go to school, there’s no drugs involved. There’s lots of things to look at.”

Rieck has been suspended 3 days now, and she said her friends have decided to fill in their brows because their parents don’t want them suspended. Lazzeroni doesn’t want her daughter to do that, and said she shouldn’t have to change who she is. “If it comes down to it, I will pull her out of Mondovi and put her in a different school,” Lazzeroni said. Lazzeroni said if things aren’t solved in the next three weeks she’ll pull her daughter from the school.

News 18 reached out to Superintendent Greg Corning both on the phone and face-to-face, but he refused to comment, saying they aren’t allowed to speak about student disciplinary actions.

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