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Ice fishing in Wisconsin: An age-old tradition

(WKOW) — When snow begins to dust the ground and the temperature drops to freezing, most Wisconsin anglers can be found on the icy lakes doing their best to catch fish.

“Ice fishing is a completely different world compared to open water fishing. It’s a lot harder,” Brock Verdegen, an ice fisherman said.

Ice fishing is another way to enjoy the outdoors during the cold months of winter, even though it may be difficult and not as successful.

About a quarter of the fish caught every year in Wisconsin come through the ice. Ice fishing allows anglers to access any part of a lake they choose and gives them an ability to pinpoint the fish in a way that’s nearly impossible by boat.

“The main thing I tell them about ice fishing is that its fishing, not catching,” Mark Peterson, another ice fisherman said.

“Sometimes you get good days, sometimes you get bad days,” Peterson said.

Whether catching fish or catching shivers in the shack, one thing is certain, Wisconsin has no shortage of lakes for anglers to fish year round.


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