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Low temperatures can be bad news for septic tank users

BLOOMER (WQOW) –The freezing temperatures we’re experiencing this week can become a problem for those who use septic tanks.

Owner and operator of Bischel’s Septic Service in Bloomer, Jon Bischel, said this winter’s frost reached three to four feet below the ground, and it will continue to go deeper, especially with the sub-zero temperatures ahead.

Bischel said that those who have wells would also be affected by the frost.

“But when the ground is frozen, the ground pretty much shuts down, and nothing can get out of your septic tank,” said Bischel. “Minimal water use, with a frozen drain field, otherwise, you are going to see this truck in your yard.”

Bischel is referring to his service truck shown on the left.

Bischel suggests residents conserve water by taking their laundry to town and taking quick showers. He said it is too late now, but next winter if there isn’t about three feet of snow on the ground by fall, he suggests people lay straw over their septic tank as insulation.

Amanda Hari

Reporter, WKOW

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