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Rep. Pocan meets with TSA workers during shutdown

MADISON (WKOW) — Representative Mark Pocan (D, WI) met with TSA workers at the Dane County Regional Airport on Tuesday to discuss how they’re doing during the shutdown.

He said many were in good spirits, despite the situation.

Nationally, many TSA workers are calling out sick, but Pocan said that hasn’t been a problem here.

These workers already missed one pay check and they are guaranteed to miss another.

Congressman Pocan said some workers told him that they’ve sold their cars or canceled their cable subscriptions to save money, but they could be getting another bill.

“If they have dental or vision insurance they’re actually being billed for that right now and they actually have to pay that even though they’re getting no pay,” Pocan said. “So there’s actually an impact that has kicked in now that it’s longer than two weeks.”

Pocan says if the shutdown continues through February 1st, he will have his check withheld.

“I’m doing it in solidarity with the employees, I am not doing it claiming I’m doing something because the conditions are completely different for us,” he said.

Pocan pointed out that politicians that aren’t accepting their checks will still have their health insurance covered and they will still be contributing to retirement funds, federal workers won’t have those things.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says there will be a vote Thursday on both the GOP plan and a house democratic measure to reopen and fund the government.

Both will need 60 votes to advance.

Amanda Hari

Reporter, WKOW

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