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MG&E services prepared for plunging temps, will work in chilly weather

MADISON (WKOW) — The drop in temperatures means you’ll likely bump up the heat for the next several days and it could put stress on local electric grids. Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) says it is ready to respond if power goes out, but officials don’t anticipate problems.

“We have crews that are ready to go, no matter the situation,” said Steve Schultz, a spokesman for MGE.

Wind gusts on Thursday night reached 30 miles per hour, dropping the feels-like temperatures well below zero.

The bitter cold forced the Dane County Regional Airport to a standstill after terminals and the building lost power. MGE says when the airports energy usage increased on Monday as temperatures dropped a piece of its equipment was tripped and caused the loss of power. Schultz said MGE’s grid and services are ready for the drop.

“Our equipment, our infrastructure is designed to operate in all kinds of extremes whether it’s extreme cold or extreme heat,” said Schultz. “So, we don’t anticipate any issues. If there was an issue, if there was a power outage — we would ask customers to call us immediately and let us know,” said Schultz.

Utility workers know the safety measures to avoid frostbite or hypothermia while out in the elements.

Schultz said homeowners can also do their part to keep their homes warm and energy-efficient.

You should get your furnace tuned up every other year and make sure windows are sealed shut to avoid cold drafts from getting inside, according to Schultz.

Hunter Sáenz

Reporter, WKOW

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