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Nearly 17,000 fans head to “Brewers on Deck”

MILWAUKEE – 100 days to the last game the Brewers played in the 2018 season, the team hosted “Brewers on Deck”, their annual fan fest on Sunday. Nearly 17,000 fans packed into the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee to see their favorite players. Tickets to the event sold out last month as excitement for the upcoming season is growing to an all-time high.

[The Brewers] got so close last year,” said William Rupp, a Brewers fan from Madison. “One more game, [if they] could have won game seven, [they would have] been to the World Series. I feel like everyone is excited.”

“I think they certainly have what it takes to get there, with the additions of [catcher Yasmani] Grandal and others,” said David Go, a Brewers fan from New Berlin. “I think they are the favorites in the national league.”

Players like Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain talked about their excitement to get going this season, as well.

“I can see [the excitment],” said Cain. “You will know more when guys get their first day of Spring Training. You see it in their eyes, see if they really want it. This is a great group so no doubt in my mind they will be ready to go.”

“You want those feelings again,” said Yelich. “You want the energy in the stadium in the city they way we felt down the stretch and in the playoffs. You want to get back there and get over that hurdle and get into the World Series and hopefully bring one here to Milwaukee.”

Brewers pitchers and catchers report to spring training in Arizona on February 13th. Position players report on February 18th.


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