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Warmer temps this weekend could cause flooding, city officials say

MADISON (WKOW) —  While temperatures are expected to be well below zero most of this week, by the weekend temperatures will rapidly climb up to the mid-30s creating another headache for crews, city officials said. Mayor Paul Soglin said the city is planning to clear thousands of sewer drains to reduce flooding.

The Madison engineering department said if you live in an area that frequently floods, like near a bottom of a hill, make sure to clear sewer inlets. Crews will be out Tuesday to clear as many as they can but with over 20,000 in the city, Soglin said any help goes a long way.

“We’re going to have frozen gutters and in some instances, the storm sewage will be frozen which means flooding,” said Soglin. “We’re asking residents to keep an eye out to safely assist us.”

City officials said it’s not feasible for city crews to uncover them all before this weekend. The City is requesting that property owners “adopt” any storm inlets adjacent to their property and help keep it clear of snow. Soglin said every inlet helps provide someplace for water to go.

“Throughout these snow events of the past couple of weeks, we’ve reminded everyone that we need to help each other,” he said. “Residents have stepped up, from keeping tabs on their neighbors to shoveling out fire hydrants we are working together to get through this. This is another great opportunity to help out!”

Emilee Fannon

Capital Bureau Chief

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