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Wind chill warnings issued for life-threatening cold Tuesday evening through Thursday morning

MADISON (WKOW) – As our winter storm moves out, the coldest air in decades races towards the Midwest.

Most of our area saw around 5-12 inches of fluffy snow since Monday evening. As expected, highest amounts were north of Madison.

Snow totals as of 4 pm Monday
Snow totals as of 4 pm Monday

As winds continue out of the north, gusting up to 25 mph, blowing and drifting snow will still be an issue, even after the snow stops, especially in rural areas.

The jet stream that goes around the Arctic is made up of fast moving winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere.

Part of this jet will dive south bringing the “polar vortex” with it–basically bitterly cold conditions that usually stay over the Arctic Circle.

What is the polar vortex?
What is the polar vortex?

Actual temps will stay below zero tonight through Friday morning.

Winds will continue out of the W&NW gusting up to 30 mph through Wednesday, before lightening up on Thursday.

This will cause life-threatening cold wind chills near -50° to -55° both Tuesday night into Wednesday morning and Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

During the daytime, wind chills will still be around -25° to -35°.

Milder conditions by next weekend: full forecast

This will be the coldest stretch of weather experienced since February 1996.

Please dress in multiple layers and don’t go outside if you don’t have to during the wind chill warning from Tuesday evening through Thursday morning.

Exposed skin could start experiencing signs of frost bite in as little as FIVE MINUTES!

Have your pipes at a steady drip overnight and check on your family and friends, especially children and the elderly, to make sure they’re being safe, too.

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Wake Up Wisconsin Meteorologist

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