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Veterinarian says farmers take extra care of large animals during frigid temperatures

DODGEVILLE (WKOW) — Farmers in southern Wisconsin are working hard to keep their livestock safe as temperatures dip to dangerous levels this week.

A veterinarian at Military Ridge Veterinary Services says farmers she’s talked to have been preparing for days. They are making sure animals have extra food, proper nutrition will help the animals withstand the cold. They are also setting up extra shelter and bedding so the animals can get out the wind.

Although farm animals are acclimated to the winter weather, she says these temperatures are extreme.

“They have hides, hair-coats, and fat covers to keep them warm, but in extreme cold they just utilize so much energy to stay warm that they need extra protection and extra nutrition to get them through temperatures like this,” said veterinarian Amy Robinson, with Military Ridge Veterinary Services.

She says farmers will continuously check the animals water supply to make sure nothing freezes.

They are also taking extra care of the more delicate animals, like those that are about to give birth and the very young, by bringing them indoors.

Amanda Hari

Reporter, WKOW

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