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UPDATE: Hwy 81 in Grant County back open

UPDATE (WKOW) — Emergency management officials in Grant County say Highway 81 is back open Monday morning after it was closed near Cassville Sunday.

The highway department was able to resolve the issue with the ice jam and reopen the highway by 8 a.m. The ice on Rattlesnake Creek is no longer interfering with the road.

The county has not had any reports of flooding issues after a weekend warmup, according to emergency management director Steve Braun.


GRANT COUNTY (WKOW) — Authorities in Grant County say a portion of Highway 81 will be closed through Monday morning because of an ice jam.

According to a Facebook post from Grant County Sheriff’s Office, the highway will be closed near Rattlesnake Road, between Cassville and Beetown. The highway crosses Rattlesnake Creek, northeast of that intersection.

Authorities say if you’re coming from Lancaster, you should take County U as detour. If you’re coming from Cassville, stay on 133.

An ice jam happens when pieces of floating ice accumulate and obstruct a stream or river. They can develop near river bends, mouths of tributaries, points where the river slope decreases, downstream of dams and upstream of bridges or obstructions, according to the National Weather Service. The water that’s held back can cause flooding.


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