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Kenosha County deputy meets baby she helped deliver

KENOSHA (WKOW) — A Kenosha County deputy had to step up in an unexpected way to help a woman who was having a baby during one of our recent rounds of snow.

Holly and William Leppert were rushing to the hospital on Jan. 18, but road conditions were awful because of a big snow storm. They pulled over and called 911.

Deputy Allison George arrived just in time to catch baby Nathan. This weekend she met him for the first time.

“Obviously in law enforcement you always have to be prepared for the unexpected, and in this case you literally had to be prepared for the unexpected,” she said.

Because of the cold, Nathan’s lungs had to be treated at the hospital, but he’s home now.

George says she’ll remember being there for Nathan’s delivery for the rest of her life.

Deputy George brought Nathan gifts and an official proclamation, naming Nathan a junior deputy.


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