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DNR warden saves two at Shawano Lake


(WKOW) — Two snowmobilers have a Wisconsin DNR warden to thank for saving their lives.

Both went through Shawano Lake this weekend.

Warden Clark Delzer was off-duty Saturday night, but heard the call from dispatchers.

By the time Delzer got to the first person, he’d been in the water for 20 minutes.

“I just kept pulling  and pulling and I got him to the ice shove and told him to grab my hand, grab my hand and he couldn’t open his hand because hypothermia was setting in already,” Delzer said. “So I grabbed his wrist, pulled him up close, grabbed a handful of his jacket and pulled him up on solid ice.”

Delzer also pulled the second person from the water.

He and other DNR wardens are warning everyone about the potential for open water on lakes with our recent warm-up.


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